The Glen Program

The program at The Glens are based on the Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Residential Rehabilitation Network (ADARRN) model of care.

The 12-week residential program includes group and one-on-one counselling, support groups and skills building programs. You are expected to join each session that are part of the core program. You can also attend other wellbeing and self-help sessions outside of the core program.

Our program is designed to support you with:

  • Individualised case management plans and regular reviews.
  • Grief and trauma counselling
  • Assist with financial issues that can include budgeting and savings plans.
  • Relationship and parenting programs
  • Gambling counselling
  • Anger management and Relapse Prevention programs.
  • 12 step fellowship meetings.

Through The Glen program, you can also learn a range of practical skills to set you up for your return to community. These include:

  • Life skills like cooking, gardening, cleaning, and maintaining a home.
  • Creating healthy habits in exercise and wellbeing though a simple daily routine
  • Community engagement, volunteering and work.
  • Education and training to prepare for entry or re-entry to the workforce.

Please see the virtual tour, sample routine and photos on specific pages: