The Glen for Women

The Board at The Glen are passionate about delivering a best practice, high quality, culturally appropriate drug and alcohol residential rehabilitation service for men. We have been doing this for many years now (25 years to be exact).

We’ve always known that there’s a need to offer something similar to women who also suffer from drug and alcohol addiction. The Board at The Glen have identified this as a priority for the 2019 and beyond. We are determined that this ‘culturally appropriate women’s service’ gets set up. We are determined to do this, and to do it well.

Latest news – July 2020

The Glen for Women property has been purchased and Development Application has been submitted! We are hoping to open in 2022. In the mean time if you are seeking residential treatment, please find below Centres for Women:

  1. Destiny Haven    4996 5558
  2. Detour House     96604137
  3. Guthrie House    9564 5977
  4. Jarrah House      9661 6555
  5. Kamira Farm      4392 1341
  6. Kathleen York    9660 5818
  7. Phoebe House    9005 1570
  8. WHOs                  8572 7433

You can also contact The National Alcohol and Other Drugs Hotline on 1800 250 015 – they may have numbers for other services that we are not aware of.

Women’s Advisory Group

The Women’s Advisory Group have starting the planning process!

The first two workshops, held on 20 August 2019 and 10 September 2019 at The Glen, covered key topics for the operational model. These include:

  • Intake processes
  • Work programs
  • Leave
  • Transition
  • Partnerships
  • Client characteristics and needs

The operational model workstream is working on the premise that The Glen’s model will work for a women’s centre with some modifications. The next steps are to bring together all the thoughts and ideas into groups and to finalise all the recommendations discussed so far regarding how the centre should operate.

Picture collage

Funding announcement

We received the exciting news in April 2019 that the Federal government has committed $9m to make this women’s service a reality! The hard work begins now and in early planning stages. We have 3 separate committees undertaking planning for the centre around Legal, Property and Operations.

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Our Women’s Advisory Group

Our Women’s Advisory Group includes:

  • Cheryl Bailey
  • Madeline Johns
  • Danielle Manton
  • Lisa Wellington
  • Vicki Jensen
  • Sally Avery
  • Georgee Moore
  • Robyn Sutherland
  • Sally Jope
  • Kylie Cassidy
  • Jenni McEwen
  • Simone Hudson
  • Kim White
  • Bronwyn Chambers
  • Skye Mackenzie

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