The Glen for Women

The Glen for Women operates a residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre located at Wyong Creek on the NSW Central Coast. 

The program at The Glen for Women is a minimum 12 week program. 

At the Glen for Women we enable women who have lost control of their lives through substance abuse to return to their families and the community as whole as functioning members. 

The Program 

The program at The Glen for Women is a holistic, abstinence-based program that includes: 

  • Group counselling sessions, purposeful life skills, sports, cooking, personal training, parenting programs, AA & NA Meetings, community work and education. 
  • Our programs are client focused and we provide support to those who need it to access the following support services: 
  • Grief and trauma counselling 
  • Financial counselling 
  • Relationship counselling 
  • Gambling counselling 
  • Psychology support 

The Glen for Women will empower our women and offer them the skills to leave the program with a sense of purpose and fulfilment. 

The Glen for Women will operate under similar guidelines to The Glen for Men and will be specifically for women, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous. It will be the first culturally-specific drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre for women in Australia.

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