The Glen’s program is designed to treat a client in a holistic manner by addressing all of their issues. This means that we treat the person as a whole (spiritually, mentally and physically). We don’t just treat their addiction, we also look at things in their life that may be causing the addictive behaviours. Our program is about empowering people to take control of their lives, to live a good, fun life and to become active members of their families and the community as a whole.

The Glen’s program is based on Indigenous values and spirituality, with a heavy emphasis on the individual and the consequences of the individual’s choices. It includes group sessions, one-to-one counselling, work programs, sport and self-help meetings.

Our programs

During the first 12 weeks, clients participate in group work, individual counselling, case management, educational support, work programs and sporting activities.We also offer them various treatments such as acupuncture and specialised counselling services such as grief and trauma, financial, gambling, parenting and anger management. Click here for more information about our 12-week residential program.

After the first 12 weeks, clients may move into the transition program where they are supported to obtain qualifications, build work skills, reconnect with their families and find suitable employment and housing. Click here for more information about the transition program.

We also have an outreach program with pre-rehab support for those who are waiting for a place to become available and post-rehab support for those who have completed our other programs. Click here to for more information about our outreach program.

We deliver drug and alcohol talks in the community, at a variety of venues such as schools and sporting club. Click here for more information about our drug and alcohol education talks. 

For a better understanding of what The Glen program is like, have a read through our welcome pack here. It was written by The Glen Boys of yesterday, for The Glen Boys of tomorrow.