The purpose of the Transition program at The Glen is to assist clients to reintegrate into the community as contributing members.

In the Transition program, The Glen supports clients in finding and maintaining employment or further training/education, accommodation and social connection.  Transition clients will continue to reside at The Glen and receive counselling and other therapeutic services, while working towards establishing a positive, active and purposeful life, free of alcohol and other drugs.

Clients may choose to apply for the Transition program towards the end of the initial residential program.

Stories from Transition clients

“Hi I’m Hayden, currently in the transition program at The Glen. Whilst in transition, I’ve secured employment locally which I’m really enjoying, and hope to get my licence back soon too. A few months ago, the woodsmen donated some beautiful timber to us. Whilst in lockdown, I’ve had some extra time on weekends to build this picnic table, which I’ve now finished! I’m donating it The Glen, for future Glen boys to have a meal together on.”

“My name is Andy. I entered The Glen absolutely broken and lost everyone around me. I was homeless with nowhere to go. I found my self working at Bunnings while in the transition program at The Glen, where I achieved an award as ‘Employee of The Year’. I now have my family back in my life and I am working full time with a construction company and living locally on the coast. I am now 7 years clean and sober. 🙌🏽