The Glen provides residential alcohol and drug rehabilitation

The Glen offers a long-term residential program which goes for 12 weeks. We have group counselling, one-to-one counselling, self-help groups and work programs, in which all clients are expected to participate. Clients can also attend outside self-help meetings, usually in the evening.

The cost of a stay at The Glen varies depending on the Centrelink benefit being received – those on JobStart pay $483 per fortnight, those on DSP $574 per fortnight and those on Youth Allowance $448 per fortnight for Board and Lodging. There is an initial fee of $1000.00 which is the cost of a urine analysis test. If alcohol or other mind-altering drugs are present in the urine when the client presents for admission, admission will be refused. Clients are entitled to rent assistance from Centrelink.

The Glen offers a safe environment for people who wish to do something positive about their addictions. We are a Drug and Alcohol free zone. The Glen welcomes all men over the age of 18 who feel that they could benefit from our program.

Below is an example of a typical week at The Glen:

Resources at The Glen

  • We provide clients with all meals, linen and bedding.
  • Clients should provide work clothes, going out clothes, personal toiletries, towels and shaving gear.
  • Clients have access to a gymnasium for personal use as well as laundry facilities.
  • The Glen has a bus to carry clients to meetings and vehicles to transport clients.
  • The Glen has common rooms and TV facilities including pay TV facilities.
  • The Glen site is convenient to Tuggerah railway station. Click here for map/directions.
  • The Glen has its own doctor located at Tuggerah and who attends The Glen each week. The doctor devises a comprehensive medical program for each client.

Here is a video of what we got up to in 2018: