Getting support

The Glen recognises that the family and friends of individuals with substance abuse problems need support too. We highly recommend that you contact your local area health services for counselling options. There are also a number of other services that you can access if you are in need of support and details of these services can be found here.If a life is in danger, please call 000.

Contacting your loved one at The Glen

During the first two weeks of the program, clients will only be able to use their phones for one hour per week. After two weeks has passed, clients are able to use their phones for one hour per day.

The program includes a weekly trip to the local shopping centre, and to outside AA and NA meetings. These are not intended as opportunities for clients to catch up with family and friends. Your support in this is appreciated.

Our residential program

The Glen strives to provide a clean and safe environment free from drugs and alcohol, to change the lives of men who suffer from substance abuse. We pride ourselves on offering a holistic program, providing access to counselling for a variety of issues such as financial, gambling, grief, trauma and sexual abuse, as well as other services. Read more about our treatment philosophy here.

Our initial 12-week residential program involves group work, one-to-one counselling, a purposeful work program, a sport program, a parenting program and a wide range of other services available to clients as needed. Read more about our residential program here.

Our transition program

Towards the end of our initial 12-week residential program, clients are able to apply for our Transition program. This is a great program for clients who are in need of extra support when they finish the initial program. During the Transition program, we work closely with the client and assist them in finding employment, housing, study opportunities and any other needs they may have. Read more about our transition program here.

Our outreach programs

We offer pre-rehab support to men who are waiting for a place at The Glen. This includes one-to-one telephone counselling, group sessions on Zoom and referral to other services where needed.

We also offer post-rehab support to clients who have left The Glen, to help them keep on track with their recovery. This involves one-to-one telephone counselling, group sessions on Zoom, in-person sessions at The Glen and referral to other services where needed.

Read more about our outreach programs here.