How much does it cost?

If you are eligible for a Centrelink benefit, the cost of The Glen program depends on the benefit you are receiving.

  • If you are on JobSeeker, the cost is $504 per fortnight.
  • If you are on the Disability Support Pension, the cost is $602 per fortnight
  • If you are on Youth Allowance, the cost is $462 per fortnight.

You may be entitled to rental assistance from Centrelink.

If you’re a self-funded client, the cost of the program is $504 a fortnight.

There is a one-off non-refundable admission fee of $100 for the cost of a urine test when you first arrive at The Glen.

These prices are current as at 1 October 2023.

View the steps to apply for The Glen program. Once you have filled out the online application, a team member will give you a call to discuss costs and other questions you may have.