Steps to entering The Glen program

  • Step 2: Apply online

    Fill in the online application form. We’ll give you a call to discuss your application within 2 business days. We may ask for supporting documents. If you have difficulty applying online, please call us on 02 4388 6360.

  • Step 3: Send supporting documents

    Send our team the documents requested, such as your criminal history or medical certificates. Once we’ve reviewed your application, if our program is right for you, we’ll call you to set up a time and date for a phone assessment. Otherwise we will refer you to support services that can help you.

  • Step 4: Take part in phone assessment

    Call The Glen team at the arranged time for your phone assessment, using the number we’ve given you. Once we’ve confirmed The Glen can support you, we will place you on a waiting list until a bed is available.

  • Step 5: Outreach while you wait

    We are unable to estimate how long you’ll be on the waiting list as this depends on many factors. However, if you are suitable for The Glen program, we can offer some support services while you wait for a place. We also suggest that you apply to other programs to increase your chance of getting the help you need.

  • Step 6: Arrange your detox

    When we have a place available, we’ll contact you. When you are offered a place at The Glen, you will need to be clean of all substances for 5 days before you enter our program. You will need to arrange your own place in a detox program. See below for a list of detox services.

  • Step 7: Complete your acceptance letter

    Please provide any remaining supporting documents we ask for and send us the signed acceptance letter. We will only issue an acceptance letter after we approve all supporting documents have received detox confirmation details.

Detox programs to support you

To be accepted into The Glen program, you will need to book a place in a detox program.

Here are some detox service that could support you.

  • Marumali, Wyong Hospital, 02 4394 4880
  • Lakeview Detox Belmont Hospital, 02 4923 2060
  • Nepean Detox, 1300 661 050
  • Gorman House, St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney, 02 9361 8080
  • Lyndon Detox, Orange, 1300 596 366

To get ready for your first day in The Glen program, make sure you understand what you can and can’t bring to The Glen.