I arrived at the Glen on the 18th of September 2017 and came straight from jail. Although I was only 23 years old, my life was a complete mess. I was barely alive and struggling to exist at all. I was physically, mentally and spiritually broken.

I have realised that throughout my whole addiction, I was just trying to fit in and be part of something. I found out what that ‘something’ was as soon as I arrived at The Glen.

I have learnt and achieved more in the past 6 months here than I did in seven years of using. I was struggling to cope, was unemployable and had a bad attitude towards others and life in general. This has now changed, because I am living life again and becoming the man I always knew I was meant to be.

The Glen has not only helped me beat my Ice addiction, it has shown me how to live by being honest and caring towards others as well as myself. New and exciting opportunities come each and every day and for that, I will forever be grateful to this place.

I had achieved many things growing up and my life was heading in the right direction. This all changed as soon as I began to use drugs. What started as weekend social use, quickly became a full-time habit and I quickly lost all of those things I had worked so hard for. On top of all this, I started to get into trouble with the police. My life was out of control.

When I arrived at The Glen I realised it was going to take a journey within myself to get through the battle with my addiction. Here I found nothing but love and support as well as gaining knowledge on how to continue a clean & sober way of life. This place has taught me to cope with my emotions without using. It has shown me a routine and also given me employment opportunities.

Most importantly it has connected me with my culture through the dancing program and I am truly proud of the man I am becoming today. Thank you to all The Glen crew and all who keep this place running so I and others have a chance at a new life.

I grew up in Newcastle and came from a broken family. My parents split up when I was about 2 years old. I always felt less than other people and lacked self-confidence. Had a lot of self-doubt and didn’t think much of myself. So growing up for me, I tried to fit in with other people which led me to do a lot of people pleasing throughout my life.

So I had my first drink at about the age of 14 and instantly loved it. It gave me things I didn’t have, like confidence, and for the first time I felt equal to other people.My drinking led me to using drugs and I instantly loved the feeling they gave me also. It started out as a casual thing, like on weekends as I was working at the time. But slowly but surely the drugs started to take a hold of me. I’ve lost many jobs as a result of my drug use. My work ethic went out the window as I continued to use drugs, and my life started to become unmanageable. 

I started pushing everyone away including my family. I lost my morals and values in life and couldn’t guarantee me behaviour while I was using. I spent a lot of time isolating from the world and only hung around people that were using drugs. That became the lifestyle I was living for a long time and I considered it to be normal. I had been living that lifestyle for so long that I didn’t know any better. I started doing crime and hanging around the wrong crowd. As a result I have been locked up a number of times. I could see that if I kept doing what I was doing, I would spend the rest of my life in and out of gaol. So something had to change.

I came to The Glen on the 27th of March, 2017. Which is also my birthday. I came to The Glen mentally, physically and spiritually broken, lost and confused in life and didn’t really know who I was. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I was happy to be out of gaol and given an opportunity to change my life. The counsellors and all the support networks I have received from The Glen have really played a big part in me changing my life. These support networks gave me the tools, knowledge, guidance, direction and the freedom I needed to get the most out of the program and myself. For the first time in my life, I am content with the person I am today. I can also see a future for myself clean and sober and in recovery.

I went in to the transition program about 5 months ago still a bit lost and unsure where I was heading in life. As I continued my journey in transition, my life started falling in to place. I started to surround myself with positive people and I started applying myself to the program fully. I started doing Drug and Alcohol Education sessions at schools to hundreds of school kids at a time and that really help boost my self-confidence. I also started getting involved in some community activities which I really enjoyed and helped build my passion for helping other people. As a result of that passion I decided to enrol in Tafe, and I just completed an Introduction Course to Community Services and Drugs and Alcohol. The first time in about 10 years I have been able to commit myself to something and actually complete it. I really enjoyed the course and has motivated me to start A Cert 4 in community services next year which I am really excited about.

Most importantly I have my family back in my life after pushing them away for almost 10 years. I had no idea how much of a transformation I would go through while in treatment here, but the man I have emerged as, is one I can be proud of. The debt of gratitude I owe to The Glen is one that can never be paid. I have now realised that my life is worth living, especially in recovery.

I arrived at The Glen drinking and drugging had taken over my life. I was homeless, unemployed, living in a tent at an old abandoned showground and from there I was sent to jail. All the relationships that meant anything to me had broken down and I was living 1 day to the next with no hope at all. From prison I was bailed to The Glen and it was from that day that my life changed.

I spent my first 12 weeks in the “wings” program where I learnt it is possible to have a life without alcohol and drugs. The program has taught me that there is hope and its ok to ask for help. I have begun to trust others again and have made strong friendships with all the others here. We are like brothers.

Once I completed the 1st 12 weeks I moved into the Transition program and with the help of the counsellors I have changed my life completely. I have completed a TAFE computing course, gained my white card, forklift licence, drivers licence as well as parenting programs, anger management and relapse prevention.

They also helped me gain a work experience role at Bunnings that went for 4 weeks and I’m very happy to say that after that time they offered me a job and I am now a proud Bunnings employee.

Most importantly through this clean and sober life I have been able to reconnect with family and open doors that I thought would be closed forever.

Today I am 367 days clean and sober – over a year without alcohol or drugs and I am so grateful for The Glen, all the counsellors, staff and of course my brothers. This place is amazing and has saved my life.

When I arrived at the Glen over a year ago my life was completely unmanageable. After 23 years of drinking and drugging, I felt my life wasn’t worth living. I was homeless. I was at a rock bottom that I thought I could never get out of. I was mentally, physically and spiritually sick.

Through my time here at The Glen I have learnt how to live a clean and sober life. Everything has improved and I now know how to take care of myself doing the basic things like washing clothes and cooking. I can now also share my voice and communicate with others and I am even able to talk in front of groups of people. I never want to go back to that old life again.

I thank The Glen from the bottom of my heart, without The Glen I would be still on the streets or even worse, dead. I have been shown a life worth living. The staff at The Glen and of course my brothers (the other Glen Boys) have all played the most important part in my recovery and for that I am and will be, forever grateful.

It was the 3rd of May 2017 that I arrived at The Glen on the verge of peripheral neuritis and Korsakoff syndrome. I knew that alcohol and drugs had taken me away from myself. Life for me at that times was not appealing or positive as I had stopped eating, exercising and had disconnected from society because I had been isolating with chronic alcoholism.

Since coming to The Glen, I have been shown compassion, kindness and understanding. I have been helped and loved back to health through a series of activities, groups and programs that has given me relief and happiness in day to day life.

I hold The Glen in high regard, am very grateful and inspired by what the counsellors achieve here by sharing and teaching life experiences that I feel has been the bedrock of my journey into recovery. Culture is something I have always cared for and is important for a black fella like me, so I am proud to be apart of The Glen Dance Group as well as creating aboriginal art & music.

I am learning to be the best version of myself here each and every day.

During my active addiction, I was always in trouble with the law. I feel drugs and alcohol had turned me into someone that I wasn’t. I went down the path of lying, cheating, stealing and my life was unmanageable because I did not know how to live.

Then on the 3rd of August 2017, I came to The Glen. They taught me how to manage my life by starting with the simple things like making my bed and doing chores.  In the past I have always had trouble with reading and writing and here I have been to a tutor and now that has improved too. They have also taught me about my culture and I am learning dance. Recently I was able to dance at a corroboree for the first time in front of family and friends which was amazing.

If it was not for The Glen my life would not be what it is today. I am becoming responsible, trustworthy, making new friends and learning about myself. I am slowly and surely becoming the man I always knew I was and I am achieving this through my journey of recovery.

I am the principal at Newcastle HS and we were fortunate enough to have Glen, Tim and Anthony come and speak to 180 Year 9 students yesterday. To say they were amazing is an understatement. They were honest, relevant and engaging. The students and staff have commented on how moved they were by the session.

Newcastle High School

I just wanted to pass on my many thanks and admiration for the men that came to our school today and performed for our students. They were truly exceptional, they held the fascination of over 650 students for the duration of the 4 dances and they had the entire school involved in each dance. I have received nothing but positive feedback from students, staff, parents and our guests from our regional office who were in attendance today.

Not only were the dancers exceptional, but Glen in particular was very good at explaining the significance of each dance and the cultural importance of Songlines.

Lake Munmorah High School

I just wanted to say thank you to the boys who came to speak today at our school. Glen, Karl, Steve and John did a great job with the kids and their stories really impacted on them (and a lot of the staff too). They’re really brave to stand up there in front of a group of people they don’t know and share their stories. I hope they got a positive impression of the school and I’ll definitely be recommending you guys to all our year advisers in future. If there’s something we can do at the school to show our gratitude please let me know.

Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College

Just wanted to pass on a big THANKYOU…My son came home from school yesterday and started talking about a welfare day they had at school  that he normally hates to go to..He said The Glen Rehab was there and they spoke about their life experiences and how drugs and alcohol have impacted on their lives.. What was so good about him telling me all this is that he usually zones out after about 5 minutes and he loses interest so for him to say he sat and listened for almost 2 hours is amazing..He said that Tyrone, Jarad and Glen were inspirational.

So can you please pass on a big thankyou from me to the guys as this has made a huge impact on him and hopefully the choices he makes in the future.

Anonymous Parent

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