To: The Glen Centre

All I can say is thank God for The Glen program. Before I came into The Glen my life became totally unmanageable from a person who had the world in his hands one minute to a person that became completely unemployable & hopeless the next.

I started drinking & taking drugs to ease a depressive state of mind thinking it was the answer to deep seeded issues that had arisen from my early childhood.

After hitting many rock bottoms, including losing my best mate from suicide through this disease, I came to The Glen Centre to put the Alcoholics Anonymous & Narcotics Anonymous programs into my life, which introduced me to a person who I hadn’t seen or even known for years – ME.

Thank you to The Glen Centre Staff for putting a program together that gave me my life back.

The Glen:

My life was totally unmanageable before I came to The Glen. I used drugs & alcohol from the age of 12 starting with cannabis & alcohol in school, progressing to amphetamines when I was 15 leading me to become involved in criminal activity. I have been in & out of gaol since I was 15.

I grew up with good morals & values but it all went out the window when I started using. My life consisted of drinking & using on a daily basis. I lost my kids to DOCS & burnt all of my bridges. My family & friends didn’t want to know me & eventually I didn’t want to know me either. I didn’t care whether I lived or died. That’s when I came to The Glen. The Glen saved my life & has given me a life I thought wasn’t possible for a person like me. Today I want to live.

I have achieved more in the past 2 years than I have in my entire life. I have full time employment & I am fighting for my kids. I have self-respect & confidence, love & honesty in my life now. I’m becoming the man I am meant to be and my life keeps getting better since the day I asked for help. I am so grateful to The Glen & the best is yet to come.

The Glen:

I would just like to say thank you to The Glen for having me here in their program. I was a broken & lost man. This place has given me hope. I’m starting to find myself again & I know I will soon find my purpose, all thanks to The Glen. This program is showing me how to live without drugs or alcohol & I actually enjoy the simple things in life again that I have taken for granted for most of my life. Thank you again for bringing hope, purpose balance & light into my life again. I still have a long way to go but the journey has been great so far, thank you.

To The Glen:

Thank you for everything you have done for me. My life is now going forward, not backwards. I can’t believe it took me this long to go to rehab – I can’t thank you enough. In 13 weeks I have learnt so much at The Glen. “Keep coming back”.

It hasn’t been easy for me. I thank God & I want to love myself, not hate myself. My future starts her – once again, thank you.

To The Glen:

Like many people started off in life – no hope & confusion around drugs & alcohol, violence & crime became a lifestyle which many think of as normal. The devastation, destruction & hurt this way of life has caused there to be many broken people around me but also left me destroyed in so many ways.

Since coming to The Glen, for the first time in my life I have hope for the future & have been shown a completely new way of life which has opened my eyes to a whole new world & a better attitude to life itself. The Glen has helped to restore my daughter back into my life by teaching me how to be a better father & take responsibility for my life. While I’ve been here it’s been a place that has given me hope, love & direction & forever I will be thankful. Real angels don’t fly.

The Glen:

I was beaten by drugs & alcohol. I drank & took drugs to cope with the failures of my life. When I reached The Glen Centre I had lost my job, my rented studio flat, my partner & lost contact with my children.

Since entering The Glen 8 ½ months ago I basically have a new life. I have a new job close to The Glen. My children are back in my life whom I see every Saturday. I surf as much as I can & do weight training each day. I now have a good support network & a lot of new friends. My relationships with my family & friends including my parents & children are better than ever before. I owe The Glen & the staff here my life.

My life is great at the present moment & I have great gratitude to this place, The Glen.


Hi Joe,

Can you please pass on my sincerest gratitude to the fellas that came in and spoke to our student cohort today. We couldn’t have asked for more. The ‘raw’ dialogue that was presented really hit the point with out students and they have not stopped talking to me about it.

Since this morning, I have had a few students come to me wanting help with their substance abuse. It is quite evident that you guys and the police made a huge impression which I know has made a positive effect.

Please let Glen, Ray, Chris, Andrew and Leon know that we are most impressed and grateful. I have a certificate of appreciation to drop off to you guys and will do so by the weeks end!

Glen stated that you guys do a talk,touch,eat (or something similar) program once a month. Would it be feasible or anyway possible to look into this further with some of our boys?


Chris – Student Development Coordinator


Hi I am Ken,

I have been at ‘The Glen’ for nine months now. It has been a journey of enlightenment which hasn’t always been easy. I came to ‘The Glen’ after many attempts to stop drinking & drugging had failed.

I was lost and on the verge of suicide. I came in here broken, scarred and confused as to what I was in for. During my stay here I have found that I was a very sick man and not so much a bad man like I had thought. My illness was ruling my life and I needed to change that.

The Glen has given me a chance to make a choice to change for the better. I have found out things about me that I never thought existed and I now have a passion for life & work hard with the program as I know it “works if you work it”.

I believe if it wasn’t for this opportunity to change my life the end was not far off. Just for today my disease is arrested, one day at a time.

THANK YOU to the glen & staff for the support and direction.


I am contacting you regarding several of your clients who attended the “Indigenous Mentoring Training” last week.

I too attended this training and found these men to be extremely positive and gave it their all during the week, stepping out of their comfort zones and speaking in front of small and large groups. During the mock” mentoring groups, they were very enthusiastic and relayed information given during the sessions in a constructive and positive way.

They often spoke of The Glen positively, and told us all how much they have learnt and how much they are enjoying their stay there.

I have had many clients from other drug rehabilitation programs come through our programs with very unhappy lives and MUCH less enthusiasm.

Often returning to where they have come from, with unfavourable results.

These men are a credit to The Glen, and all the staff and supervisors should be very proud of the positive programs and lifestyle choices you are offering men with drug and alcohol issues. During the past week, I have heard nothing but positive stories about how wonderful The Glen and the staff there are.

Well done!!

Amy Preston
Cultural Liaison Officer
Child & Family Services Wyong Shire


Its about seven weeks since I left the Glen and moved back to Balmain and in about one week I will have my one year (sobriety) birthday.

My ten months time at the Glen was and still is a major contributor to the fact that I have managed to stay sober this long and hopefully for the future.

I came into the Glen with a forty year addiction to alcohol but also with a strong desire to stop but having tried in the past and failed I cannot say I was confident. I had spent a few weeks in another rehab and that was pretty awful and to be honest made me think more about drinking than stopping drinking. However when I plucked up the courage to leave and look elsewhere the “fickle finger of fate” (higher power) lead me to the Glen.

Like a lot of other guys I was pretty nervous when I arrived and some of that was about how I would fit in being 62 years old when I guessed that most other clients would be considerable younger, however I need not have worried because from the first day I was accepted and welcomed as just another person with a similar problem doing their best to fix it and this was my experience throughout my stay. Like most others the first two weeks were pretty tough having come out of one rehab which allowed no communication to family or friends into the Glen where the first two weeks were also communication free other than letters. Anyhow once over the first two or three weeks and having the help of counsellors and other clients life got better and I was still sober.

The three month program with regular AA and NA meetings and the daily morning meetings as well as the chance to do other regular fun things like beach trips soccer etc seemed to set the foundation that showed me life without alcohol is possible and can be fun. During that three month period even though there were a many other things happening in my life that were causing me stress I was able to see and deal with things a lot more clearly.

I soon realised that I needed a little more time in rehab than the 3 month program and spent the next 7 months in transition and it was this period that really set me on the path to recovery, During those 7 months I started to live a life and do things for myself, as you know I started and am still continuing a TAFE course I got my drivers license and managed to work through a difficult divorce. But the biggest help for me was the “constant” of the Glen and its structured system (The Rules) and the interaction with clients and all the staff and the knowledge it was always a “safe” place to return to. I know this was also true for a lot of the guys I went through transition with even though some of them may have subsequently relapsed the Glen felt like and was a caring place and of course sometimes the reality of life can make staying clean and sober very difficult.

I have been back to a couple of meetings around the fire at the Glen since leaving and those meetings remind me very much of one other and maybe the most important aspects of the Glen and that is the strong feeling of spirituality around the whole place which I am sure contributes to the very peaceful feeling around an establishment housing twenty odd guys in various stages of distress for a myriad of reasons but still managing to live in surprising harmony.

Anyhow for me I am very grateful for my time with you guys and whatever the future holds for me will not forget my time with you and the help you gave me. I particularly remember with pleasure the group meetings with Vince of a Friday he seemed to manage to incorporate education, current affairs, spirituality and common sense into his sessions that all could identify with.

Alicia this is a thanks from me to you but feel free to use some or all of it for any other purpose.

With many thank’s to the Glen and all the staff and the clients.

Never Ending Journey

Prior to my first admission to The Glen in 2009 my life was filled with drug dependency and crime. I knew I needed help, I was accepted into the program at The Glen, and I only lasted a month. Within this time the seed of recovery had been planted.

18 months later I returned to The Glen and I was an angry man. Fortunately this time around things are different for me. During morning group I broke down realising I was beaten. For the first time my head was hearing what was being shared, I related to everything in group.

Since that day my life has changed for the better. After completing the 12 week program I stayed on in the transition program at The Glen. While in transition I knew I had to relocate from Sydney. An opportunity came up to move into a halfway house in Newcastle I took it and have not looked back.

The reason I call my story the never ending journey is because for this addict nothing is too good and anything is achievable. Now I know my life has only just begun, no more wasting time on drinking and drugging… It will always be the first one that does the damage.

Many thanks to all the staff at The Glen Centre for helping me in my recovery.

Testimony 2

My recovery started when I was bailed to The Glen Centre.

During the early stages I hated every minute of being in rehab. Then something changed within me, and I felt like there was a better life without drugs and alcohol. My time at The Glen became enjoyable. I made the decision to go into the transition house at The Glen, because I felt 3 months of program was not enough for me. I had plans of moving back to my hometown, that caused my original downfall, back to the same crowd doing the same things that had led my to goal and the glen in the first place.

I ended up doing 5 moths at the glen, then a counsellor suggested that I move on to a halfway house called The Bourke St Project it was the best move I could have made. I try and do the best I can to maintain sobriety, I have remained at Bourke St for 8 months now and I love waking up clean every day.

I have The Glen to thank that is where it all started for me. The staff there were very helpful and supportive once I made an effort….

Testimony 3

I can’t thank the glen enough for what they have done for me, in August 2009 I came into the glen, homeless, hopeless, and broken. I was in a massive hole that I had no way of getting out of, but the glen showed me that it’s all about baby steps, I learned to talk about my feelings my hopes and dreams I stopped existing and started living:), 3 yrs on I am now a fully qualified community service worker and have been drug free and sober ever since the day I walked in, I can not thank you enough for saving my life 🙂 .