The Program

The Glen provides residential alcohol and drug rehabilitation

The Glen offers a long-term residential program based on the twelve step programs of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. We have group counselling, one to one counselling and work programs, in which all clients are expected to participate. Clients also attend outside meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, usually of an evening.

The cost is Newstart $455 per fortnight, DSP $574 per fortnight OR Youth Allowance $420 per fortnight, Board and Lodging. There is an initial fee of $60.00 which is the cost of a urine analysis test. If alcohol or other mind-altering drugs are present in the urine when the client presents for admission, admission will be refused. Clients are entitled to rent assistance from Centrelink.

The program at The Glen is a 12 week program with the opportunity to apply for transition house and stay longer.

The Glen offers a safe environment for those people who wish to do something positive about their addictions. We are a Drug and Alcohol free zone. The Glen welcomes all men over the age of eighteen who feel that they could benefit from our program.
This aims to equip the clients to live a full life free of alcohol or mind altering drugs. The basic philosophy of the program is based on the Twelve Steps of AA. It is supplemented by group work, individual counseling, physical work and exercise. A feature of the program is the fellowship of other recovering addicts and the mutual support this generates.

Resources at The Glen

We provide clients with all meals, all bed linen and bedding.

Clients should provide work clothes, going out clothes, personal toiletries, towels and shaving gear.

Clients have access to a gymnasium for personal use as well as laundry facilities.
We are developing a library of resources to enable clients to read more about recovery from addiction. We are also improving resources to be used in educational and group discussion programmes.

The Glen has a bus to carry clients to meetings and vehicles to transport clients. The Glen have common rooms and TV facilities including pay TV facilities. The visitors to clients have appropriate facilities.

The Glen site is convenient to Tuggerah railway station. Refer to contact us page for map/directions.

The Glen has its own doctor located at Tuggerah who devises a comprehensive medical program for each client.