Friends Of The Glen

The success of The Glen’s programs is built of the strength of our community partners and supporters – Friends of The Glen. There are various ways organisations can support our program:

1. Employment Partners

We are constantly looking for new employment partners to support our transition clients back into employment, through work experience then potentially a paid job. The clients that The Glen refers to employment partners are clients that need an opportunity or a hand up along their journey, these clients could need the opportunity for a number of reasons and could include the following :

  • The clients may have never worked and therefore has no experience within the workforce (In this case the client would need to be job ready before starting the program). This may include attitude and skills training before the work experience program begins.
  • The client may have self-confidence issues and the program is about building confidence and skills.
  • Has skills and just needs an opportunity to get back into the work environment. The experience invaluable in reintroducing clients to the work force and will assist in future job applications after it is placed on the resume that they have worked with you.

2. Community Organisations

The strength and success of The Glen’s program is owed to the various community organisations who provide their time, services and expertise to The Glen. Partnering with best practice community organisations allows The Glen to provide a high quality service to our clients, efficiently and cost-effectively.

For any organisations who are keen to provide services to our clients, please contact us. We curently work with:

3. Ngaimpe Enterprises

The Glen has several business arms that generate income for The Glen. All profits from this business are reinvested into The Glen to support its programs.

Lawn mowing & garden care 

This includes a lawn mowing business that provides the following services:

  • Lawn mowing
  • Garden maintenance (including fertilising and weed control)
  • Hedging
  • Tree cutting
  • Waste removal

Please contact us to arrange a free quote.

Boardroom hire

The Glen is based on a unique cultural location that can be hired for board meetings, conferences, staff training and team building. We can cater for small groups to large meetings up to 100+ people.

We can also perform celebratory dance performances and smoking ceremonies to make your event even more special.

Please contact us to arrange a free quote.