1. How long is your program?

Minimum 12 weeks

2. Can family & friends visit current clients? 

No, but we do hold regular events throughout the year, where friends & families are invited.

3. How often can clients contact family & friends?

In their first 2 weeks, clients can make a 2-minute phone call (supervised). After 2 weeks, clients receive a maximum of two 10mins phone calls per day between 4pm and 6pm.

You can also visit our Facebook page (theglenrehab) for regular updates on what’s happening.

4. Can clients leave on weekends? 

Clients can take day leave after 3 weeks, and overnight leave after 6 weeks, with the approval of the counselling team.

5. As a family/friend of a current client, where can I find support?

If life is in danger CALL 000. Otherwise, you can call:

6. What can clients bring to the centre?

A list of what clients should bring is available here: www.theglencentre.org.au/admissions