28th July 2011 – It is important for anyone entering our program to be given an opportunity to change their ways. At ‘The Glen’ we appreciate that people entering our program may have developed some bad habits through their drug and alcohol addiction over the years. It is our aim to give people a chance to change their ways (behavours). It is up to each individual client at ‘The Glen’ to have an open mind and attempt to change. Drug or Alcohol addiction is not an excuse for bad behavour it is a good reason to get clean and sober.
Staff at ‘The Glen’ believe everyone can change.

21st July 2011 – A big thank you and farewell to Sherree from the Wyong Breakthru Employment team. She has been a fantastic help to The Glen and its clients. She will be missed greatly but we wish her well.

14th July 2011 – The Glen Annexe was lucky enough today to have a visit from the mayor of cessnock and councillors. Their words of support and encouragement are appreciated.

13th July 2011 – Relapse prevention is an important part of maintaining a clean and sober life. Relapse prevention involves looking at what can trigger a person to return to using. We then need to address the emotions and behavours involved. The idea is to avoid or handle differently these triggers.

12th July 2011 – State Debt day at The Annexe again today and a huge thank you to Terry and his team for helping the boys get their sanctions lifted allowing them to get their drivers license.

11th July 2011 – Both rehabs were joined by some staff and some ex staff for a night at the NRL tonight to watch the Knights v Cowboys. Thanks to the Newcastle Knights for their continued support. A great night of fun without drinking and drugging.

6th July 2011 – WOWW… What a great day NAIDOC day at Gosford was again this year. Both rehabs and all staff of the glen attended the day. NAIDOC week is an important week for ‘The Glen’ as it is a celebration of aboriginal culture and an important part of the on going reconciliation process. The Glen is proud that as an aboriginal corporation we accept people from all different types of cultural backgrounds. The reconciliation and healing that can take place in the theraputic environment at ‘The Glen’ is inspirational.
The Glen was represented in the KIKUPA touch footy comp by current and former clients and did us all proud with a good display against some quality opposition. Clients from both rehabs were encouraged to have their partners and families meet them at NAIDOC day clelebrations and enjoy a good family atmosphere. These sort of days are a good opportunity for the transition process back into their families that needs to take place with clients. Some times when a client has been in gaol and or rehab it can take some time for everyone to adjust back into their roles in the family situation.
Special thanks to Lisa Morgan (Caseworker at The Glen) and Neil (transition client) for creating a great stall at Naidoc Day for The Glen. We had plenty of children getting their face painted and also a great banner was done up with hand prints from alot of people on the day.

29th June 2011 – The glen was lucky enough to have Federal Member for Dobell Craig Thompson visit our site at Chittaway today. Craig is a big supporter of The Glen and the service we provide. We also had a good afternoon at The Glen again with a game of touch footy involving players from Miracle Haven, the Glen and The Glen Annexe. Both rehabs are off to Newcastle tomorrow for a BBQ together.

22nd June 2011 – The staff at The Glen were thrilled to be given an opportunity today to listen to some expert opinions from staff in the corrective services field about what to expect from clients who come into our program from gaol. It is important to remember that Nagimpe accepts clients straight from gaol and ‘the glen’ was originally set up to try and offer an alternative to imprisonment for indigenous and non-indigenous Australians.

8th June 2011 – OATSIH have given The Glen some one off funding to help improve the transition house living quarters. This funding will be essential in maintaining the succesful transitional house program. The Glen has also registered their team for the 2011 KIKUPA to be held in Gosford in July.

25th May 2011 – The Glen and The Glen Annexe are currently enjoying a really good run of clients completing. More of those clients completing are chosing to stay in some sort of structured program or living arrangement or are getting help with outreach counselling for when they leave. We encourage clients to have an active plan about where they are going and what they will be doing in regard to relapse prevention when they leave. It is no surprise to know that clients that move from our rehabilitation program into another halfway house type program or our own transitional house have a good success rate.

10th May 2011 – There is going to be a BBQ and AA meeting at the Annexe this saturday night. BBQ kicks off at 6pm while meeting starts at 7:30pm. All welcome. We have had a productive few weeks with alot of clients graduating into our transitional program and some clients succesfully moving from transition into other accomadation.

22nd April 2011 – Happy Easter to everyone. Both rehabs are enjoying a quiet and relaxing time over the long weekend.

19th April 2011 – Chris from Central Coast Problem Gambling came out and spoke to the clients of both rehabs again this week. The issue of gambling can be a big one in many of our clients. Chris is available to clients for specialised one to one counselling.
The Glen and The Glen Annexe also work with specialy trained experts in the field of child sexual abuse vicitims for any cleints that may need it.
Financial Counseling is also available at both centres. Hunter Valley Financial Counselling see the Annexe boys while Gosford / Wyong Financial Counselling see the Glen boys. A big thank you to both of these services as helping the clients make a fresh start or tidy up the mees of the past can lead to a greater chance of maintaining sobriety.

15th April 2011 – Transitional House is now filling right up again. It is great to see clients realising the beneift of staying in a supportive environment and not rushing back into the old environment.
Regular Touch football games against Miracle Haven have started up again.

21st March 2011 – Transitional House continues to be a great example of what is possible in this program and clients are continueing to benefit from being their. It is important to remember though that the transitional house program is still part of the residential rehab program. Transition house is not designed to be ‘hung around in’ and for a client to be accepted into the transitional program they have to have an action plan of what they are going to do. This plan may include doing some study, job searching, working part time, or doing outside meetings and appointments etc. This is all encouraged but when the transitional client is not doing any of these things they are expected to participate in the residential rehab program at ‘The Glen Centre’.

15th March 2011 – State Debt Recovery will be attending the Annexe again soon for a day with the boys and to sign anyone up on TTP plans. This allows our clients to deal with the RTA and have sanctions on their drivers license lifted. More and more clients are achieving their goal of obtaining their Drivers license while in our program then ever before. This is mainly due to the hard work of Terry and his SDRO team in Maitland.

28th February 2011 – Regular breathtests and urine samples are a part of being in residential rehab. Staff carry out regular tests on clients to try and ensure a drug and alcohol free environment for people to get well in.

14th February 2011 – Both rehabs are still filling up again at this time of year. Alot of clients are coming close to finishing their time in our program and will be progressing to other things. Some clients will head back home while others will set up brand new lives away from old environments. At the completion of our rehabilitation program clients can also request to move into our own Transitional House program. We also have great relationships with other halfway houses on the Central Coast, Newcastle and Sydney and can help place clients if they are suitable with these establishments. The one thing that I can assure you is that a client that completes our rehabilitation program and puts in a good effort realises that he has alot more options in life now (completing) as to when they first walked in the gate (starting).

25th January 2011 – Both rehabs are now into the swing of things again in 2011. The Annexe have been welcomed back to their regular AA and NA meetings are offering an open invitation to anyone that is in either fellowship to attend the weekly NA meeting at The Annexe on saturdays at 7:30pm (Just ring 49307760 to confirm it). The transitional house service has been increased to include a dedicated case worker for the clients (Lisa). Lisa is there to assist the clients with all of their non-drug and alcohol needs including accomadation etc.

10th January 2011 – Unfortunatly residents of The Glen were reminded this weekend of how cunning the disease of addiction can be. It has though been a good wake up call for all clients to be on their guard as they are in a fight for a better way of life. Both rehabs are filling up now that we are into the new year. The Annexe will start attending their regular AA and NA meetings again.

2nd January 2011 – Happy new year to all. This is usually a very busy time of the year for The Glen in regards to client intake. Anyone looking to enter our program needs to download the application from and send it in or ring 4388 6360 during the hours of 8am – 2pm and ask to speak to the intake officer.

13th December 2010 – Both rehabs have just enjoyed a few days away camping at Camp Elim outside Forster. It was another great, succesful camping trip enjoyed by all. the noys participated in Rock climbing and a giant swing ride also.

19th November 2010 – The boys from Miracle Haven (Lake Macquarie Recovery Centre) have returned to the glen for fortnightly games of touch footy, a bbq and a meeting around the fire. It is always a good afternoon getting some exercise and enjoying the company of fellow recovering addicts.
Last week the Annexe played indoor soccer and shared a BBQ lunch with the male clients from The Whos rehab in Cessnock. It was a great day enjoyed by all.
A big thanks to Coast Shelter who have supplied housing and other assistance to two of our long term transitional house members in the last few weeks. The boys are very grateful and they see it as a great stepping stone back into the community. We look forward to having a long and fruitful relationship with Coast Shelter who are doing fabulous work on the Central Coast.

11th November 2010 – We recieved a lovely thank you letter this week from the parent of a former client:
” My son, (name withheld) attended your centre mid last year. I felt a need to send this letter to say how his life has changed for the better. He has not looked back since his time in your program and we are very grateful for the type of rehabilitation he underwent”

25th October 2010 – The boys from both rehabs have just returned from a fantastic 3 day camping trip to Seal Rocks. There was alot of fishing, kayaking and swimming amongst games of ricket, meetings and laughter. The camping trip was a massive success and all staff and clients that attended are to be congratulated. In the next few days pictures from the trip will appear on the website.

9th October 2010 – The Board of Ngaimpe Aboriginal Corporation had its first meeting at the annexe site this month and all board members were very pleased to report that they are impressed by what they saw. Both rehabs are currently looking better than ever as the work program (supervised by staff and achieved by clients) is proving a great success. The work program can help build team skills and teach clients different skills that may assist them transition back into the community after completing their rehabilitation. It is important to remember that some of our clients have not worked a proper day in their life and the reward and routine of the work program can go along way to establishing work ethic and motivation for a future they may not have considered.

10th September 2010 – The Glen centre is currently preparing for our upcoming camping trips now that the weather is starting to warm up. In the last two weeks The Glen has had a lot of clients complete the program and move back to their local communities with the tools to maintain a clean and sober life. We wish all clients that leave our program (the ones that complete and the ones that don’t) all the best.

10th August 2010 – Three of the transitional clients are currently in Cairns attending a week long mentoring course for Aboriginal men and women. This is a hugely exciting achievement for these men as they are learning alot of skills that will not only help make them improve themselves as people but also learning skills that they can take back to their communities and help others.
The Annexe will be losing three valued clients in the next few days with two moving into transition at The Glen while another one has been accepted into Brighton House in Newcastle. Brighton House is a halfway house run by The Sisters of Mercy who have a great relationship with the glen and help place our clients who do not want to move to the Central Coast in supported accommodation.

22nd July 2010 – We had a visit at The Glen today from the girls from the liver clinic in Gosford. They made a presentation to the boys about healthy living especially relating to HEP C. We also kicked off our one to one tutoring for literacy and numeracy skills. This service is available for all clients at both rehabs now if they want it.
An important part of recovery is getting stuck into life and doing things. In addiction most things become too hard and get swept under the carpet. In recovery we like to think that anything is possible and there is only one thing you cant do (drink or drug).

7th July 2010 – It has been a big week for both rehabs. The Annexe have attended an Aboriginal celebration day in Newcastle on monday and both rehabs have spent tuesday at NAIDOC celebrations in Gosford. The Glen had a team in the KIKUPA touch footy tournament and was knocked out in the semi finals. The boys and the girls (special thanks to Sarah and Bree) did themselves and the Glen proud.

1st July 2010 – The Glen and The Annexe are both very popular at the moment with bed availability an issue. Both rehabs enjoyed the Job expo at Maitland during the week and had a fun afternoon at Rutherford Indoor Centre playing soccer and cricket. We are now getting ready for NAIDOC celebrations in Gosford, Koala Park, and Newcastle in the next two weeks.

21st June 2010 – The transitional house was sad last week to see two long time members move on and back into society. In reality though that is what ‘Transitional House’ is about. They will be missed around the rehab but they are back out into the community as better men. We wish them both the very best and look forward to seeing them continue to grow.
Both rehabs will be off to a Job Expo next week in Maitland. We are also starting to train for the NAIDOC week touch footy competition in July for which we have recruited two female state touch footy players to join our boys in the mixed event (no excuses this year boys).

1st June 2010 – Winter is here and both rehabs are starting to feel the cold. We have had a week of solid rain at both sites and firewood has become a much valued comodity again. The last transitional house beds are nearing completion at the Chittaway site and will be filled by the end of this week. This will bring to ten the total number of transitional beds. Clients in the Transitional house program have this week found employment x 1, and started studying at TAFE x 1. The Glen will be attending a family fun day on Sunday at Toukley Pool to take part in celebrations re: Reconciliation Week.

24th May 2010 – The Glen and The Annexe have two clients each completing the program this week. One client is staying on in transitional house, one is staying in the program itself, and the other two are returning to their families and the community as a whole to be productive members. Recovery and Relapse. Relapse is when a person in recovery starts to drink or use again. The process of picking up the first drink and how quickly it can turn life upside down is undeniable for an addict/ alcoholic. The process of what happens when someone relapses in an important part of what our program deals with. That first drink or drug starts a cycle that leads to environmental and relationship changes which soon snowball and get out of control. Clients need to build a solid foundation against having that first drink.

8th May 2010 – It is a big weekend for the boys in both rehabs (The Glen and The Annexe) with attendence at the Central Coast AA rally on Saturday and the Knights v Titans in Newcastle on Sunday. We have had another client complete our programme at the Annexe on Friday with two more due to complete this week. The Transitional House is looking to expand to another two beds midweek. SPECIAL THANKS TO THE NEWCASTLE KNIGHTS FOR THEIR TICKET DONATION THIS WEEKEND.

29th April 2010 – We have had another client move into our Transitional House programme today and there is a waiting list for spots in the Transitional House. The results of the people attending the Transitional House programme have amazed everyone. Just today we had a Transitional House member gain paid employment three days per week locally and we had another two Transitional House members obtain their driving license last week. The Transitional House programme is exactly that (transitioning back into society) while in a safe environment such as The Glen. The clients can slowly start getting their lives together (looking for some work, study and getting drivers license etc) while they still belong to the strong support network at The Glen with access to counsellors 24/7.

21st April 2010 – The State Debt Recovery Office and Child Support attended The Annexe (Gu-Dgodah Hostel) yesterday and helped our clients. The Glen boys drove up from Chittaway also.
Clearing up some of the wreckage from the past slowly is an important part of the process of recovery. The head in the sand approach (which is what alot of our clients have done in the past) can lead to feelings of guilt, and that can be dangerous for an alcoholic or addict.
Special thanks to Terry and Gerri from SDRO and Jamie from Child Support.

14th April 2010 – We are excited that the staff at Lyndon House Detox centre will be visiting us this week. We pride ourselves on our relationship with the workers at Detox centres and gaols who refer clients on to our centre. We are extremely grateful that the Lyndon House staff have taken the time to come and see our facility and talk to our staff.

1st April 2010 – It has been a big week at The Glen. We have had four clients succesfully complete the program and head back to their homes and the community as better men. We have also had one client move from our programme into a halfway house here on the Central Coast of NSW. We wish all of these men the very best in their recovery and we look forward to seeing them one day at a meeting. The Glen boys were very pleased after attending the Centrelink job expo at Mingara on Tuesday.
The sunday night AA meeting at The Glen has now introduced a microphone. This was introduced after a group conscious decision was made to make sure that all people present could hear adequately at the meeting. This meeting continues to grow and it is important that we all grow with it.

29th March 2010 – The Barrington Tops camping trip was another big success. There was plenty of action with Touch Footy, Cricket, Bushwalking and fishing taking place. There was also the a large meeting around the fire on the thursday night. It was a remarkable experience to be sitting around on the wednesday night to see all of the little fires around in the camping area and see groups of half a dozen boys chatting and sharing their stories about recovery.
The SDRO (State Debt) have confimed the 20th April for the next SDRO day at The annexe.

16th March 2010 – Another camping trip has been arranged for all of the boys. Next week we will be taking a crew of about 50 people camping in the Barrington Tops for 3 days. Can’t wait for that. Special thanks has to go to DOCS for the camping equipment gear grant and for BCF camping shop at Tuggerah. One of the main philosophies of The Glen is to show the clients how to have a good time without drinking or drugging. Learning to live without drinking and drugging doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom and in our mind is about the millions of things you can do (once free from addiction) not the one thing you cant do (Use) 🙂
The Glen is also looking for anyone with an interest in gardening to volunteer at the rehab and help our clients maintain and grow fresh produce. This position is available at both the Chittaway and the Rothbury site for anyone interested (one day per week). If volunteers have a debt with the State Debt Recovery Office then we can get that reduced by the hours that you volunteer with us.

7th March 2010 – Both The Glen and The Annexe have just returned back from a very successful camping trip for three days at Hawks Nest. Group Sessions and Meetings were held in between beach swimming, fishing and games etc. The meeting on the Thursday night at Jimmys Beach was certainly something special. We were also proud to host a BBQ on the Wednesday night in recognition of the second anniversary to the Stolen Generation apology. The Sunday night meeting at The Glen is continuing to prove itself to be one of the biggest meetings on the Coast and the (Monthly) Saturday night BBQ and meeting at The Annexe is also growing well.
The rehabilitaion games against Miracle Haven (Rehabilitation Centre) have recommenced on a fortnightly basis and all of the boys had an absolute ball last week. State Debt Recovery and Child Support will be coming out to The Annexe in the next month to do another helpful information session for all of the boys. We are now back into the swing of things with the normal program of events getting underway. TAFE NSW are again running computer courses for The Annexe boys every monday and Fair Trading have resumed visiting both sites on a weekly basis. Indoor Soccer has also recommenced as well as The Glen boys attending the Koori Meeting in Newcastle on a monthly basis.