The Glen - Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Centres

Ngaimpe Aboriginal Corporation and The Glen

The office at the Glen is open from 8am-3pm Monday – Friday.

If you ring outside these times the phone may be answered by clients in the program and not staff members.

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In 1994 Ngaimpe Aboriginal Corporation was registered (and set up The Glen). Since that date it has been an example of the triumph of the Koori Spirit and how we can make our dreams come true.

The founding motivation for Ngaimpe was the suffering of our people at the hands of drugs and alcohol. Ngaimpe was especially interested in trying to get men (indigenous and non-indigenous) out of the criminal justice system and into treatment for their drug or alcohol addiction (which causes the offending behaviors).

Ngaimpes Motivation :

There has and continues to be an over representation of Indigenous Australians in the prison system.

There is hazardous levels of use of alcohol and other substances by Indigenous Australians.

There is lower levels of participation in education and employment by Indigenous Australians compared to the general population.

Ngaimpes Treatment :

The programs run by Ngaimpe Aboriginal Corporation are designed to treat a client in a holistic manner to address their issues. This means treating the person as a whole (spiritually, mentally and physically). It also means trying to not just treat their addiction but the things that may be causing the addictive behaviors. The programs that Ngaimpe employ through The Glen Centre are about trying to empower people to take control of their lives, to live a good fun life, and to become active members back in their families and the community as a whole.

Our program is based on indigenous values and spirituality with a heavy emphasis on the individual and the consequences of the individual’s choices. It includes group sessions, one to one counselling, work programs, sport and meetings of NA or AA.

What is The Glen :

The original ‘The Glen’ was established on dis used land at Chittaway in 1994. This site is located on 40 acres and is now a modern rehabilitation facility that has 20 residential rehabilitation beds.

In 1997 ‘The Glen Annexe’ was established at Rothbury in The NSW Hunter Valley. This site has 16 residential rehabilitation beds. Unfortunately this site was forced to close in September 2014.

The Transition House (Halfway House for people who have completed our basic rehabilitation program) was established at the Chittaway site in 2010.

The Glen is staffed by 16 full time, part time and casual staff and a team of volunteers.

The Glen relies heavily on the support of other organisations such as:

# Gosford Narara Community Centre

# Central Coast Problem Gambling

# Lifeline Counselling Services

# The Jawun program

# State Debt Recovery, Centrelink and Child Support


The Glen welcomes all men over the age of 18 who could benefit from our program. The Glen is not limited to accepting indigenous clients only. The Glen is proud to be an organisation that helps break down the barriers between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians and works towards reconciliation.

The Glen acknowledges while Indigenous Australians are struggling with drug and alcohol abuse issues, it is a common problem in all aspects of modern Australian society. Addiction doesn’t discriminate on the basis of colour or anything else.

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Media Release:

Following a strategic view of its operations, (Ngaimpe Aboriginal Corporation ) has decided to consolidate its residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation services into The Glen site at Chittaway, on the Central Coast. This will result in the closure of The Glen Annex site at Rothbury in The Hunter Valley immediately as of 3rd September 2014 (18 beds lost).

Existing clients of The Glen Annexe will be catered for at The Glen site at Chittaway.

NAC Chairperson, Coral Hennessy said “We’ve had to make a difficult decision today, but it’s a decision that we believe positions us more strongly for growth in the future. The Glen Annexe has helped close to 1,000 men over the last 13 years, but with uncertainty over future funding and lease arrangements, the Board has recognised that concentrating on The Glen site at Chittaway will allow us to prepare for greater challenges in the future.”

Joe Coyte, CEO emphasised the need to streamline operations in the face of imminent changes to government funding arrangements at both state and federal levels. “We are determined to meet these challenges head-on to continue providing these essential services. We are looking forward to working closely with government and other stakeholders to make sure that people who need our help have some where to go in the future. ” The board and Joe acknowledged the support from Aboriginal Hostels Ltd, and other state and federal agencies and the local community in supporting The Glen Annexe site at Rothbury over the last 13 years.